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The alpha investment strategy of Mercury Control AG takes directional views of the FX market and collects time decay of plain vanilla short options while actively managing the Delta and Vega risk of the portfolio
according to the clients risk parameters

Directional views are based on a continuous macro, political and flow analysis, across the G7 currencies and are combined with technical forecasting tools. The strategy seeks non-correlating risk-adjusted returns (Alpha) without correlations to other asset classes in the portfolio

Key advantage of the trading strategy is its abilityto take advantage of both - the time decay of the option and the directional move. The combination of the two also mitigates risk since losses from not anticipated directional views will be absorbed by gains from time decay

For the avoidance of any doubt: Mercury Control AG is in no way associated or affiliated with Barclay Hedge. The Barclay BTOP FX Index, as published by Barclay Hedge is only used in this website for reference purposes. Mercury Control AG does not maintain that its Alpha FX Strategy can be compared with the or any information underlying the BTOP FX Index. In particular, the Alpha FX Strategy of Mercury Control AG and its results are not part of the composition of the BTOP FX Index

Mercury Control AG is only admitted for investment advice, portfolio and investment management in and within Switzerland


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